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Welcome to RCR TW; a one of a kind hunting experience! Just west of El Campo, TX lies a stretch of rice prairie known for its rich waterfowl heritage. Our team operates in this region which covers three counties from El Campo to the small community of Speaks, TX. This area is world famous for our September blue winged Teal season, but the regular season is just as fantastic. It offers a wide variety of duck species and large concentrations of trophy Pintails and Specklebellies. Come see what MojoTV, Wildfowl Magazine, Delta Waterfowl, and Ramsey Russell of, are all raving about!

With RCR TW, we welcome smaller parties of 2-3 men. Hunting in a small group is a great opportunity to make lasting memories in the blind with friends and family. This also provides time to spend with a young retriever without a lot of distractions as they learn and experience different hunting scenarios. We enjoy introducing and teaching the next generation about this great sport!

We also accommodate large cooperate groups for entertainment. Waterfowl hunting can be a great team building activity to reward employees for their dedication. We understand the importance of taking care of your special clients. RCR TW can help you create lasting partnerships in your business by giving your clients an ultimate waterfowl hunting experience.


As always, we offer first class lodging with excellent home cooked meals, well-equipped guides and easily accessible blinds for every hunter. RCR TW guides can provide a well-trained retriever for your party or you are welcome to bring along your favorite hunting companion. Create the ultimate experience by adding on site bass fishing, skeet shooting, and deer hunting to your trip. A short drive can provide a fun afternoon of dove hunting or bay fishing. Let us create your dream waterfowl getaway!

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